Blades Reparations

A damaged or fouled blade causes efficience less & will increase fuel costs.

Atlantida dominates all necessaryprocedure to maintain the optimum performance of your propeller, saving drydock & reducing costs for the owner


A ship may undergo damage on the propeller blades during the operation. Common damages to the propeller are the bent and/or the crack of its blades.

Cropping or replacement of the damaged blades are the most common and fast solutions in order to reduce to the minimum the vibrations that occur while sailing and prevent the vessel to be on dry dock.

Our team of naval architects, technicians provide permanent underwater repairs to all type of propellers

Naval architects study the damaged area of the propeller and provide to divers all the appropriate data and information required for the cropping. The divers in cooperation with ship repairers crop the propeller in the specific cutting line.

Our divers/technicians are trained also for replacement of a blade in a pitch propeller.

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Main Propeller Polishing To Grade "A" Rubert Scale

Propeller cleaning & polishing has a high effect in the performance of a vessel with the cost of cleaning very low. Fuel savings of more than 15% have been realized as a result of hull and propeller cleaning & polishing.

Atlantida Polshing Service provides;

  • Fuel Consumption penalties
  • Reduction of Emissions
  • SEEMP – Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan Implementation
propeller polishing
propeller polishing
main propeller polishing

Drilling / Grinding Damaged Area

Atlantida divers are extremaly experienced in effective & fast repairs, often in presence of class surveyor,  in order to reduce to the minimum the possible vibrations, improving vessel performance and avoiding dry dock.

blade reparations
propeller repair in algeciras
citting blades