Underwater cleanhull in Algeciras bay & Gibraltar strait

Afloat Repairs

Diving Services

Underwater maintenance services

Clean hull and propellers represent huge fuel cost savings for the vessels owners / operators. We are proud to have worked both domestically and abroad in helping to save operators from a vast amount of unnecessary expenditure by reducing fuel consumption and increasing the efficiency of their vessels.

  • Eco Hull Cleaning System
  • Propellers Polishing to Grade «A» Rubert Scale
  • Periodic General Hull Inspections
  • Rudders Cleaning
  • Seachest / Gratings Cleaning
  • Thrusters Cleaning
  • Anodes Replacement

In water survey

Atlantida CRW , is approved by the major classification societies. specialises in the provision of underwater survey and inspection services for ships, dock gates, mooring systems, cables and a variety of other underwater structures.

  • Certifications (Classs Inspection)
  • Tailshaft Wear Down Readings
  • Rudder Pintles Clearance Readings
  • Endoscopic Survey
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements
  • Rov Inspections

underwater repairs

We have continued to develop a variety of innovative procedures and equipment to carry out numerous underwater repair operations on ships and a diverse range of marine structures. Our expertise in underwater engineering and repair, combined with the expert diving services on offer means that we can offer flexible and cost effective solutions to our clients.

  • Propeller Modifications & Repairs
  • Cutting, Drilling & Grinding
  • Rudder Repairs
  • Ropeguard Repairs
  • Any Damaged Area
  • Temporary Repairs with Epoxy Covere Cement

underwater certified welding

With the best qualified and certified team of welder divers, Atlantida CRW provide temporary repairs as well as permanent repairs within closed control underwater environments. Cofferdam placement, or installing reinforced steel plates or cement boxes.

  • Ropeguards Assembly
  • Hull Plate Replacement
  • Installations
  • Welding of Cracks / Cavitation
  • Sacrificial Anodes Replacement
  • I.C.C.P Replacement


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atlantida crw certificaciones
atlantida crw certificaciones
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