Underwater cleanhull in Algeciras bay & Gibraltar strait

Afloat Repairs

Hull cleaning

Ship hull performance

Marine fouling has an immediate and potentially severe effect on ship performance. Any roughness on a ship’s hull that disrupts the laminar flow along the hull will produce drag, fouling accumulation and corrosion.
The magnitude of additional fuel use is quite variable, depending on the amount of fouling, the shape of the hull, and the speed at which the ship operates.Fuel penalties are in the range of 10 to 25 percent.

Authorities aproval

Algeciras Port authorities perform periodical tests to measure the efficiency of the hull cleaning systems in Algeciras Bay. Our eco hull cleaning system has again successfully completed all required test, conducted by the university of Cadiz, being the company with the best results;

  • «The most careful crew, during underwater clean hull operations» (in the words of the technical college).
  • We are pioneers in the use of clean oils for hydraulic systems, used to clean ship hull.
  • We have been able to collect almost all marine fouling that follows the vessel hull during underwater cleaning.

that ensures minimal ecological impact during hull cleaning operations in Algeciras Bay & Strait of Gibraltar..

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Ship Supply

We are providing high quality goods and services to the Maritime industry from our establishment. Our seamless delivery of goods and services to meet your every need has customer satisfaction as our #1 goal. Quality products and competitive pricing combined with a top-notch network supply chain insures consistent quality and product reliability.

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Vessel Repairs

ATLANTIDA CRW, with base in Algeciras Port (Strait of Gibraltar), offers a 24/7 technicians & service engineers team on call ready to provide you a Complete Ship Repair Solution in any complex or simple situations that your vessel may encounter;

• Steelworks-emergency or Permanent Repair
• Anchors, Chain and Windlass Works
• Fix Damaged Rudder for repair
• UT Gauging and NDT Testing – with Class Approvals
• Remove a damaged propeller and fit a spare
• Cofferdams



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