UCS Underwater Cofferdam System

When it is not practical to put a ship in dry dock for repair or alteration that cannot be done in wet, we recommend the use of our UCS (underwater cofferdam system), in order to work can be done.

Atlantida team includes technicians, engineers & naval architects with many experience, that provides the design & construction of varying types and sizes of cofferdams, to perform underwater repairs in a dry environment.



With expecifications provided by owner and our own inspection of damaged area, Atlantida select, among its standar cofferdams, the most appopiate for the situation.

If we can not use an own, we start with the design and construction of required cofferdam.



Considering that the damaged area needs to be isolated from seawater and our technicians will perform the repair from inside the vessel; Atlantida choose a hiperbaric coffferdam.

In this case, we used an own cofferdam, that means saving costs of manufacture & reducing significantly repair price.




We are able to crop corroded /pitted bottom shell plating and dry-weld in situ, new steel plate inserts whilst the vessel is afloat. Such renewals are to class requirements and are a permanent repair.



Plate was welded with a class surveyor welding engineer in attendance. The non-destructive and destructive testing was performed in accordance with AWS D3.6M:2010 Class A.

The result of the non-destructive and destructive testing was very positive with all welded test plate exhibiting metallurgical properties equivalent to permanent weld repairs performed “top-side” dry.